Bluff City Properties, LLC is currently managed by Scott Hanson, who has been the company’s president since 2008. Scott is happy to answer any of your questions and will be your friendly and accommodating host and tour guide should you choose to further explore our investment opportunities.

Bluff City Properties started in 1986 when the company’s founder converted a single-family house into an owner-occupied duplex. By constructing a single wall to create a separate access to the second story, he was able to create housing for four WSU students in three bedrooms upstairs. The resulting income covered all housing expenses, providing a strong impetus for continued acquisitions.

Picturesque Fountain City

Fountain City, WI is located on the “elbow” of one of the most narrow-angle bends on the commercially-navigable main channel of the Mississippi River. This provides not only for amazing views across the river, but also amazing views down the center of the river.

Rising from the floor of the valley is “Eagle Bluff,” the highest elevation above the Mississippi River anywhere from the headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico. Many return to Fountain City year after year for the excellent fishing, hunting and outdoor activities of all kinds. Fountain City is truly a “sportsman’s paradise.”

In 2014 we purchased a large commercial property in Fountain City, consisting of two parcels at 813 S Main St. The lower, commercial portion of the building was converted into 5 apartments in 2015. The second story consists of two, large three bedroom units.

The Fountain City properties currently for sale were purchased and renovated with the multi-purposes of student, family, and luxury vacation homes/rentals in mind. Nearly all were selected for their river views as the primary criteria. As a result of remodeling and renovation, many boast “Jacuzzi suites” decks, forested hillside lots, yards/gardens, and other amenities.

Currently, most of the Fountain City properties are rented to Winona college students. Non-students, working professionals and small families also reside in our Fountain City rentals. Within the past few decades, higher numbers of Winona college students and others have made the decision to live in Fountain City where they can rent a high-quality unit with vacation-style amenities and more space, at 20-30% less rent than comparable Winona properties. Despite the competitive rental rates, these properties are priced to produce impressive investment returns.

Our Fountain City renters are more likely to be older students and families who tend to re-lease. These smart renters report that the quality and price more than compensates for the short 10-minute commute to WSU or downtown Winona. Here’s another advantage for owners of Fountain City rental properties: Many students prefer a shorter lease than 12 months as many have no plans to be in the Winona area during the summer. Leases of less than 12 months in duration are very difficult to find in Winona. This provides the option of renting to students for 9, 10, 11 (or the standard 12) months out of the year, covering the costs of a beautiful summer vacation rental property for the owner’s use, and/or additional vacation rental income.

Due to increasingly-restrictive local building regulations in many areas with river views, there is an increasingly limited availability of river-view properties of all types. This is one of the reasons values are predicted to appreciate significantly over time.

Fountain City Hillside Lots

With over 900 feet of frontage off Hill Street (the city’s highest street), we have over a city block of mostly-platted lots with unsurpassed river views on a sloping hillside. Excavation has created access and building sites and water/sewer services have been roughed-in on the north and south portions of this large property. There are also three fine rental properties available in front of the lots with direct access to Hill Street.

If you are interested in a large parcel of rare hillside river-view property available for single-family for multi-unit development, this amazing hillside is a stunningly beautiful development site that must be seen to be appreciated.